The Food WorksSW, due to open in March 2020, will be a dynamic food and drink innovation centre offering food-grade business units, product development facilities and a business engagement centre to help your business grow.

Tender opportunities for the site will be listed here:


Invitation To Tender For Facilities Management (PART A)

At The Food WorksSW 

 Tender Ref: (SW02 Facilities Management)

 PROVISION OF SERVICE:  Supply of Goods or Services


 Date: 21/02/2020


 The Food and Drink Forum Limited

The Business Centre

Southglade Food Park

Gala Way

Hucknall Road




Tel: 0115 975 8810


Potential bidders can apply for the whole tender or individual Lots. To register your interest and receive a copy of the full tender pack including annexes please email

A Tender Reference SW02 Facilities Management
B Tender Title Facilities Management (Part A)
C Published Date Friday 21st February 2020
D Length of response Response limited to:   20 A4 pages maximum (and excluding copies of insurance, finances, policies and other documents requested within the tender document which can be provided as a separate appendix).
E Submission requirements By email to: With subject header as:  Tender Reference SW02


post to: Bryony Whiley, “Confidential” The tender reference number, The Food and Drink Forum Limited, The Business Centre, Southglade Food Park, Gala Way, Nottingham NG5 9RG. Both routes must ensure that the submission is received by the stated deadline below.

F Time Table

Timeline / Deadline

Tender Opportunity Published Date Friday 21st February 2020
Questions to the Forum should be submitted to the Forum within 10 Working Days Up to 5PM Friday 6th

March  2020 to:

Responses to Questions received: Will be posted on tender

page of The Food & Drink

Forum website within 48

hours of receipt. (Excl.

weekends & bank holidays)

Final Tender Submission Deadline Date and by 5pm 5pm on  Friday 20th March


Tender Evaluation And Due Diligence Period 23rd  – 3rd April 2020
Interviews If Required w/c 30th March 2020
Award Contract to Successful Bidder 6th April 2020
Response To All Bidders Of Outcome 8th April 2020
Contract Start Date 1st May 2020
G Period of Contract From  1st May 2020                                      To  30th April 2022
H Budget / Price The Lots 1-5 are as follows and whilst no budget has been attributed, all Lots will be evaluated against best value amongst other criteria.

Lot 1: Site Landscaping and Cleaning

Lot 2: Pest Control

Lot 3: Window Cleaning

Lot 4: Engagement Building Cleaning and Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Lot 5: Security Services

I Insurance Requirements    The following Insurance values should be adopted:

Employer’s Liability: £5million
Public Liability: £5million
Professional Indemnity: £5million
J Tender Specification







Lot 1: Site Landscaping and Cleaning

The site lawn areas and foliage need to be maintained to ensure that the site is both presentable and that all litter is removed so not to cause any food safety issues with regards to pests.


The lawn areas should be mowed according to the following basis:

·         Once per month between 1st of March and the 30th of September

·         Middle of November

·         Middle of January

The contractor is required to carry out regular weeding, trimming (especially on the underside of bushes) and pruning to keep all plants in a tidy and healthy condition.


Trees will require regular visual inspection to identify broken/dead branches, especially after high winds.


Appendix A: Landscaping Area are those green areas highlighted that need maintaining and which are within the blue box.


External areas of the site need to be kept clean and tidy not only for good housekeeping reasons but also for food safety and food management standards. The on-site Business Unit tenants will be responsible for keeping the areas in front and to the rear of their units clean and tidy and the Forum will ensure the area around the Engagement Centre is also kept clean and tidy. However, we require the landscaped area (Appendix A), i.e. waste areas and smoking areas to be cleared of rubbish, litter and especially of any general food and packaging waste to be conducted weekly.


Any issues such as evidence of potential pests on site must be reported immediately to the Food WorksSW management team.


Lot 2: Pest Control

Business Unit tenants will be required to manage and employ their own pest control contract for the units they lease. Consequently, pest control is required primarily for the Engagement Centre building, which contains a number of kitchens producing food and drink. Additional pest control may be required upon the identification of infestation in any of the shared yard areas within the site perimeter, including waste areas and landscaped areas.


Pest control should be conducted by competent and trained personnel i.e. BPCA, GPC level 2 or equivalent. Inspections should be conducted on a regular basis, in line with the site environment and identified on the quotation.


Lot 3: Window Cleaning

Windows on the site need to be cleaned every six weeks. This includes windows on the Production Units and the Engagement Centre. All health and safety regulations, especially with regards to working at height and PPE worn and supplied by the contractor, should be adhered to at all times. In the event mobile platforms are brought on site and or used then the appropriate licenses must be made available for inspection i.e. IPAF PASMA by the Food WorksSW management team.


Quotes should clearly indicate the separate costs for the two buildings, i.e. for the Engagement Centre and for the Production Units.


Lot 4: Engagement Building Cleaning and Kitchen Deep Cleaning

The Engagement Centre building includes office space, meeting rooms, toilets and seating areas that require cleaning and tidying against an agreed schedule. For the purposes of this tender, we expect 10 to 12 hours per week are required to conduct this activity but this may be adjusted as required once the development is operational. A floor plan of the Engagement Centre is provided and the related areas are shown in blue (see Appendix B: Engagement Centre). Note the café area and touchdown areas shown in green may be included in this Lot. Therefore, please itemise the cost for this area separately.


On an ad hoc basis, the Development Kitchens (x4) and Trial Kitchen may require a ‘deep clean’ to ensure food safety requirements are met. Deep cleans should be conducted by a competent person using disinfection products that meet the BS EN standards (BS EN 1276 or BS EN 13697). A floor plan of the Engagement Centre is provided and the Kitchen are shown in red (see Appendix B: Engagement Centre).


Quotes should clearly indicate the separate costs for weekly cleaning of the Engagement Centre and Café/Touchdown areas (shown in green and blue) and Kitchen Deep Cleans (shown in red).

Lot 5: Security Services

Site security is crucial for those tenant businesses operating BRC, which requires production facilities to be secure. Security is also important for the protection of employees, visitors, vehicles, the site and for H&S in addition to visual data evidence when required. Consequently, the site needs to be secure at all times.


The site has CCTV cameras, access control and recording equipment and is also fitted with intruder alarms to all buildings. The site is manned during normal working hours from 9am to 5pm. However, when the site is unmanned, we will require, at a minimum, a key holder and call out service when the intruder alarms are activated. The contractor will be provided with access cards and keys in order to investigate the reason for the alarm system activation. Alarm system investigations must be reported to the Forum immediately with a report within 4 hours or as required depending on the nature of the problem.


The Forum will establish a site specific security and CCTV policy and associated procedures, which will be reviewed annually. CCTV signage will be obvious around the site, informing all visitors and users that they are being recorded and policies will be made available in relation to CCTV and GDPR.


The selected contractor must comply with the requirement of the security policy at all times.


Quotes should clearly define the separate costs for Key Holding and for Call Outs.

K Specific Deliverables / Milestones & Requirements/ Deadlines / Outcomes / Outputs Schedules will established between the parties and in line with any regulatory requirements.

Inspections will be conducted visually and through sign-off by the Food WorksSW management team.


L Additionality Lots:

Contractors may apply for any Lot or number of Lots. Each Lot must be identified and priced separately in order to evaluate in a fair manner.

M Monitoring and or Reporting Requirements Contractors will be required to sign in and out of the premises and this will form part of the verification/evidence of attendance process for payment.

Contractors and a member of the Food WorksSW management team will both sign on a ‘works schedule’ confirming that the work has been conducted as required.

Contractors must wear appropriate ID badges/lanyards as well as a visitor badge at all times.

Both parties will conduct a review meeting on a quarterly basis to ensure that the parties have a good communication channel that performance standards are being met or can be improved upon and monitoring is completed.

N Documents Enclosed Appendix A – Landscaping Area

Appendix B – Engagement Centre

Associated polices:

·         H&S,

·         Environmental

·         Accident / incidents

·         Confidentiality,

·         Equality

·         Lock and Key

·         CCTV




Funded by the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership through the Local Growth Fund, administered by the West of England Combined Authority.  

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