Soul Food Salads

A Social Media Start-Up Success

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Joe Pike, from Nailsea near Bristol, is the Director of Soul Food Salads. Along with his business partner and father, James, their fresh out-of-the-box company is exploring new directions in health-driven salads and superfood boxes in the test kitchens at The Food WorksSW. Over to Joe…

What’s your brand?

Soul Food Salads make healthy takeaway salads plus Asian-inspired noodle boxes, veggie boxes, and Mexican-inspired chilli boxes. They’re vastly different from traditional takeaways which are often full of fat, trans fats and sugar. I’m very health-conscious myself so simply wanted to create a healthy takeaway alternative.

Humble (Social Media) Beginnings

For the first few months of Soul Food Salads I only ‘advertised’ and took orders through a social media app that I’d never used before. The first day, I posted that I had two salads. I sold two salads. The next day I sold three, then four. I was soon selling twenty per day, making them in the kitchen at home until I was ordered to vacate. The Food WorksSW was my next step.

What drives you?

I didn’t grow up wanting to become a salad salesman if that’s what you mean. I suppose my interest in healthier lifestyle began when I was at college, regularly binging on fast food. It wasn’t doing me any favours so I looked for alternatives. When I started eating more nutritious food, I had so much more energy. I felt good, my body felt good. I trained in Music Production but have a GCSE in Food Science, and the links between vitamins, food, colours, antioxidants, mood and health have always fascinated me. I realised that I wanted to manufacture and share this type of food. 

Why do you like The Food WorksSW ?

The great thing about The Food WorksSW is, there are no contracts. You don’t have to pay thousands of pounds just to get in it. So we rented the test kitchen on a daily basis. We got in there straight away, got our hands dirty and started cooking, and things have been going really well since. Because of the way The Food WorksSW is structured, it’s amazing to be able to visualise how a business like ours could progress into bigger development kitchens and ultimately our own unit.