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Field Doctor food is so cleverly packed with nutrition and knowledge, you fear it might outdo you on the IQ front. Meet co-founder Martin Dewey, an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for healthy, amazing tasting food that’s sustainably sourced, easy to cook and totally delicious.

Are you really a Field Doctor?

“Not in the literal sense, no,” says Martin, “though I’m fascinated by how specific foods can benefit people’s health. Our meals are created in a unique way. Sasha Watkins, our dietitian and co-founder, works with our Michelin-trained head chef, Matt Williamson, to create nutrient-packed meals that benefit your body, taste amazing and are firmly rooted in science. The goodness is locked in through flash-freezing so they’re as delicious when enjoyed at home as the day we created them. Popular dishes include British Fish Pie, with sustainably sourced hake and salmon, white-bean Bechamel sauce, spinach and walnuts topped with sweet potato mash; and our Field Green Risotto, with naked barley, peas, broad beans, asparagus and pecorino. 

Health-Boosting Bundles

Matt, Field Doctor’s innovative head chef, has run Michelin-starred kitchens. He’s an ambassador for developing lifelong positive eating habits. “Plant proteins form the backbone of many Field Doctor meals, for your health and for that of the planet. When we use meat and poultry it’s from award-winning organic farms, and our fish is all British-landed and RSPCA approved. Apart from being stand-alone delicious thanks to seasonal products cooked in small batches, our meals can provide vitamin and nutrient boosts to target specific functions such as the immune system, the brain or heart health.”

What drew Field Doctor to The Food WorksSW?

“I heard about The Food WorksSW from a business contact in Bath, who knew I was looking for a food production unit for our start-up. We arranged a visit and it was absolutely great – the spaces were ready to go and completely fitted out as food-grade production spaces. I’m experienced in finding and kitting out my own kitchen units so I really appreciated not having to do that this time. The build quality is excellent and BRC compliant so we were able to move in and get on with business.”

What type of unit does Field Doctor occupy?

“We have a lease on a 1,500 square-foot unit. This comprises a well-equipped, industry standard production kitchen, plus office space for the back-office operations that support the food production. We also take advantage of the facility’s shared meeting rooms and hold meetings in the stylish Business Lounge. Everything has been crafted to a really high standard; the whole set-up is very well designed.”

Expertise on tap at The Food WorksSW

“As a company we already have considerable knowledge and industry experience between us, but we’ve found the on-site expertise invaluable nonetheless. We’ve gone to the in-house team for technical support and insight on themes such as food development, food production safety systems, R&D and product testing and creating instructions for retail packs. For a growing business, it’s very useful to have access not just to the Food Works team based on site, but to the wider food industry experts and networks they are plugged into. We’ve had ready access to very specialist advice whenever we’ve needed it.”

Martin and the team welcome business enquiries. To enjoy Field Doctor’s health-boosting meals at home, order online at or call 01225 941141.