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 We are delighted to be teaming up with Chris Moorby to offer  a series of practical workshops being held in our brand new, state-of-the-art development kitchens.

Chris has been ‘steeped in meat’ for over forty years and has always been enthusiastic about traditional artisan butchery and charcuterie. During his career, he has worked in many sectors of the meat industry, from production and technical management to product development and quality assurance, more recently as a teacher and champion of artisan produce.

Upcoming workshops include…


  • Pig in a Day, From Nose to Tail Workshop – Thursday 9th September, 9.30AM – 4.30PM

This one-day course delivered by Chris Moorby, will give you the opportunity to explore every part of a pig, from nose to tail. As well as learning practical knife skills and butchery techniques, you’ll gain a fascinating insight from Chris into the journey of a pig from farm to table. Click here for further information and to book your place.

  • Sausage Making Workshop – Friday 10th September, 9.30AM – 12.30PM

This half day course delivered by Chris Moorby, will teach you how to make proper artisan sausages. Working with different cuts of pork, you’ll discover what makes great sausages, how to select the right cuts of meat for them and how to master the secret subtleties of seasoning. Click here for further information and to book your place.


For further information on our practical workshops, or to discuss any future topics that would be useful to your business please call The Food WorksSW Team on 01934 315381.

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