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 The Food WorksSW Team is working with The Food & Drink Forum to offer food and drink businesses across the South West a range of business support webinars. Free to attend, the webinars cover a range of useful topics and are delivered by industry experts. Each interactive hour-long session provides food and drink businesses with the opportunity to present questions to the speaker specific to their business.

  • Branding & Storytelling – For Selling on an Online Marketplace – Thursday 24th June 2021

This session will introduce you to a walkthrough of how a producer can make the best use of an online platform, in particular, to adopt a story-telling approach to attract interest in your products and brand. Tips picked up in this webinar, could well be the one thing that sets your products apart from the crowd – Book here

  • Cyber Resilience – De-mystifying the Small Business Guide – Thursday 1st July 2021

Earlier this year, a survey by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) found around half of micro and small businesses (52%) reported falling victim to a cyber security breach or cyber attack in the past year. The average cost to these businesses was nearly £1,000 – rising to more than £3,000 for some. This webinar will help businesses prepare for attack, help with measures to ensure safe home working and provide a safe haven to ask questions, report crimes if necessary and provide a list of Trusted Companies to turn to in the event of needing remedial work or data recovery in the event of an attack – Book here

July sees the launch of our first ever Environmental Month. We will be welcoming a range of guest speakers to cover key environmental areas including:

  • How to Monitor and Reduce Energy Consumption in Food and Drink Production – Thursday 8th July 2021

Energy costs have been on the increase over the past 5 years due to government levies. The cost of energy is made up of 60% government taxes and 40% wholesale costs, meaning that only 40% of the energy bill can be influenced by effective procurement. Therefore, to reduce your utility costs and carbon footprint, you need to monitor how you’re using it – Book here

  • Turning Food Waste into New Product Development – Thursday 15th July 2021

Food Waste has been on the increase for several years. With the introduction of lockdown last March, food has been at the forefront of most people and businesses minds. Now is the time to put those thoughts into action and start tackling Food Waste! Food Banks cannot be used to take all of the surplus. This is something we can all work on, at home and in business – Book here

  • How to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Food and Drink Production – Thursday 22nd July 2021

The term low carbon is now much more than a buzz word, with the Blue Planet effect changing the world and encouraging everyone to think and consider how we preserve our wonderful planet. For food and drink producers this stretches far beyond packaging and waste practices. We all have a part to play in preserving our plant and operating our businesses in an ethical manner. However, doing so can sometimes be a challenge, with many manufacturers asking “where do we start?” Book here

  • The ‘P Word’ Protein, What Can We Do About It? Thursday 29th July 2021

Protein is the crisis we need to mitigate before we cause untold damage to our existing fragile ecosystems. So put down your cheese burger and lend me your ear. This session will provide a brief introduction to the issues of suppling protein to an increasing global population. The stresses and environmental impacts such demands make on the planet and how we can best respond to the challenge of food waste and efficient resource recovery in a sustainable and efficient manner – Book here

For further information on our business support webinars, or to discuss any future topics that would be useful to your business please call The Food WorksSW Team on 01934 315381.

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