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 The Food WorksSW Team is working with The Food & Drink Forum to offer food and drink businesses across the South West a range of business support webinars. Free to attend, the webinars cover a range of useful topics and are delivered by industry experts. Each interactive hour-long session provides food and drink businesses with the opportunity to present questions to the speaker specific to their business.

  • Extending Shelf Life with MAP Gases – Thursday 15th April 2021 – Book here

The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the way consumers shop for food, increasing the need for longer shelf life.

Neil Hansford, Air Products food technical engineer, discusses how all-natural gas flushing, with its ability to extend shelf life by up to 500%, can be a useful tool for helping food producers address the need for longer shelf life and reduced food waste.

  • How to Work Out Product Costings – Thursday 22nd April 2021 – Book here

Working out the cost of your products is an essential but sometimes complex task. Zoe Plant our New Product Development and Innovation Manager will talk businesses through this beginner’s guide to costing out recipes, ensuring that you cover your costs to pay your bills, yourselves and make a profit.

  • Intellectual Property Considerations for Food and Drink Producers – Thursday 29th April 2021 – Book here

This webinar will provide an introduction to intellectual property and why it is central to your business plan and critical to your success. Strategic use of your intellectual property will provide you with a commercial advantage. It will allow you to create exclusivity. It will protect your products or processes from the unwanted attention of your competitors. And if you are seeking investment, your IP becomes even more crucial.

  • Dealing with Food Compliance Risks and How to Prioritise Activity – Thursday 6th May 2021 – Book here

Reliance on the implementation of mitigation controls to form a resilience/defence model that supports a company’s due diligence defence is only the first building block of the mitigation controls required by a modern business. This webinar will help organisations to position themselves as we exit the constraints of the pandemic and enter the uncertain world post Brexit.

  • Nutritional Information – Thursday 13th May 2021 – Book here

With the NHS push to reduce obesity and make the general public more aware of what is being put into our bodies, this is now becoming a vital source of information for consumers when choosing food products and making comparisons between different brands, especially based on what is deemed to be better for a person’s health, with consumers taking more interest in the quantity of food being eaten that contains high amounts of fat, salt and added sugars. Nutritional information is now mandatory for food and drink products. Join our Technical Advisers who will explain how this works.

  • Selling Food and Drink Products into the USA – Thursday 20th May 2021 – Book here

With more and more UK producers obtaining a share of the US exporting market and many more considering this as an option, you may find this 1-hour webinar of use. This webinar will cover the basics of “USA Food and Drink Labelling” including the key areas of difference with current UK/EU Labelling requirements.

  • Selling into UK Supermarkets – Thursday 27th May 2021 – Book here

This workshop will give an overview of the key requirements businesses should consider when looking to supply a UK supermarket.

  • Natasha’s Law Food Labelling Support – Thursday 3rd June 2021

Currently, food prepared on the premises in which it is sold is not required to display allergen information on the label, meaning allergy sufferers sometimes lack confidence buying food to eat whilst they are out. Join our webinar to find out how the law may affect you and what measures need to be put in place before October 2021 – Book here

  • Food On Your Phone – Thursday 10th June 2021

This webinar will help you think about creating and injecting life into a scene to tell the story of your product. This will involve thinking about and controlling the role of light in the scene and how to best capture what you’re trying to convey – Book here

  • Skills in the Workforce – Thursday 17th June 2021 – Book here

During this session, we’ll explore different ways to close skills gaps through training, apprenticeships and placements. The workshop will debunk common myths about these opportunities, including the impact on employers and will highlight current opportunities.

  • Branding & Storytelling – For Selling on an Online Marketplace – Thursday 24th June 2021 – Book here

This session will introduce you to a walkthrough of how a producer can make the best use of an online platform, in particular, to adopt a story-telling approach to attract interest in your products and brand. Tips picked up in this webinar, could well be the one thing that sets your products apart from the crowd.

  • Cyber Resilience – De-mystifying the Small Business Guide – Thursday 1st July 2021 – Book here

Earlier this year, a survey by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) found around half of micro and small businesses (52%) reported falling victim to a cyber security breach or cyber attack in the past year. The average cost to these businesses was nearly £1,000 – rising to more than £3,000 for some. This webinar will help businesses prepare for attack, help with measures to ensure safe home working and provide a safe haven to ask questions, report crimes if necessary and provide a list of Trusted Companies to turn to in the event of needing remedial work or data recovery in the event of an attack.

For further information on our business support webinars, or to discuss any future topics that would be useful to your business please call The Food WorksSW Team on 01934 315381.

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