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 The Food WorksSW Team is working with The Food & Drink Forum to offer food and drink businesses across the South West a range of business support webinars. Free to attend, the webinars cover a range of useful topics and are delivered by industry experts. Each interactive hour-long session provides food and drink businesses with the opportunity to present questions to the speaker specific to their business.


  • Creating Compelling Content For Food & Drink Businesses  – Thursday 23rd September 2021

The world is not short of content. But it is short of compelling content that makes you want to stop scrolling and linger longer. Even if you’re a small business owner with little time, this webinar will show you how you can create compelling content to stop the scroll, no matter the extent of your creative abilities. – Book here

  • Allergen Awareness & How To Manage Allergens In Your Manufacturing Process  – Thursday 30th September 2021

This session has been designed to support businesses with allergen management within food and drink manufacturing environments. This will include discussion of allergen labelling management as well as raw material allergen labelling management. – Book here

  • HEALTH & NUTRITION MONTH – Extending Shelf Life with MAP Gases, Air Products  – Thursday 7th October 2021

The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the way consumers shop for food, increasing the need for longer shelf life. Neil Hansford, Air Products food technical engineer, discusses how all-natural gas flushing, with its ability to extend shelf life by up to 500%, can be a useful tool for helping food producers address the need for longer shelf life and reduced food waste, whilst improving the appearance of food products. – Book here

  • HEALTH & NUTRITION MONTH – Health & Wellbeing Within the Food & Drink Production Workplace  – Thursday 14th October 2021

The promotion of positive health and wellbeing can bring about real benefits and results within your company. This webinar will detail those benefits, show you how to get started and also equip you to make lasting changes. With real life examples, ideas and solutions this interactive session will give you the chance to ask questions and make a plan to implement initiatives within your own team. – Book here

  • HEALTH & NUTRITION MONTH – Food & Drink Trends – Is NPD Addressing the Health Needs of the Nation?  – Thursday 21st October 2021

Following the latest NDNS a large range of nutritional deficiencies were identified across all ages ranges- in particularly young adult females. Compared with the rising statistics of obesity in the UK, the message of what is required to support health, age specific nutritional need, and desire to change dietary habits are falling short. Do consumers really understand the ingredients and claims – should it be their responsibility of the manufacturer?

The nutrient shortfall observed from the UK NDNS will be addressed, food sources, optimal quantities and the preferred format. – Book here

  • HEALTH & NUTRITION MONTH – Gluten  Free Sweet Alternatives  – Thursday 28th October 2021

It has been recorded that 1 in 8 people in the UK are now eating a vegan or plant-based diet – but many are still eating lots of sugar and processed food, that lowers energy levels, produces sugar rushes and doesn’t nurture their bodies. Natasha – aka The Loving Chef shares her techniques, knowledge, and wisdom to fill food with love that nurtures your soul. – Book here

  • Preservation & Shelf Life – Thursday 4th November 2021

Increasing shelf life increases profits with more time ‘on the shelf’ for the product to be sold.  Also, the whole food industry is under pressure to reduce food waste.  A basic understanding of the reasons why food and drink product safety and quality over time & under the wrong conditions will be discussed along with existing known preventative measures including additives, processing, modified atmosphere pH, water activity & temperature control. – Book here

  • Understanding Food & Drink Manufacturing Auditing & How To Implement  – Thursday 11th November 2021

Managing consistent product manufacturing with customer and certification requirements is difficult as we are relying on staff to complete tasks, consistently to agreed documented procedures in order to make a product too specification every time. Well structured, objective auditing is therefore critical and must be completed to the same standard every time. The basics of food manufacturing auditing will be presented by a qualified and experience auditor with pitfalls and good practice outlined throughout. – Book here

  • Health & Safety For Small Food & Drink Manufacturers  – Thursday 18th November 2021

Health & Safety is a legal and moral requirement for all food manufacturing businesses and good health & safety management improves work culture in all areas. – Minimised straightforward methods of compliance will be outlined. The health & safety basics will be outlined with practical working examples and links to information sources. – Book here

  • How To Legally Make & Maintain The Standards For A Product Claim  – Thursday 25th November 2021

Claims are extremely difficult to make with the resources available to a small business however if achieved legally they can give the product a large advantage over a competitor. Raw material sourcing and product claims will be outlined with examples and how to legal work out nutritional product claims and ensure other claims are legal. – Book here

  • Food Regulation Masterclass  – Thursday 2nd December 2021

As one of the most regulated sectors of the economy, food businesses are constantly at the risk of being on the wrong end of the Regulators. The cost of a prosecution can be massive in both financial and reputational terms. But what can businesses do to minimise the risk of prosecution, and what actions should they take if they are served with a notice? With prevention always better than cure, the webinar will cover ways to minimise the risk of prosecution, and just as importantly equip delegates with an action plan should they be subject to one. – Book here

For further information on our business support webinars, or to discuss any future topics that would be useful to your business please call The Food WorksSW Team on 01934 315381.

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